• Jug Kettle 1.7L. Only 29.90


    Jug Kettle 1.7L

    Grab now at RM29.90

  • Blender 250W. Only 54.90


    Blender 250W

    Grab now at RM54.90

  • Table Fan 16 inch. Only 83.90


    Table Fan 16 inch

    Grab now at RM83.90

  • Jar Rice Cooker 1.0L. Only 64.90


    Jar Rice Cooker 1.0L

    Grab now at RM64.90

Hyper Volts: Electrical Fair (Hypermarket & Bazaar)

22nd September - 9th October 2016 (for MYDIN Penisular Malaysia only)

Hyper Volts: Electrical Fair (Hypermarket & Bazaar)

Be ready for the Super Duper Hyper Volts Electrical Fair! Get yourself volt shocked by all items we offer! Occupy your home with rice cooker, waffle maker, electric kettle, stand fan, LED TV, hair iron, hair curler, LED bulb and other numerous credible electrical products. Come upon other deals too at MYDIN like seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits, snacks and household cleaning products .You know shopping is the best when you save while you shop. So, Why Pay More? Buy at Wholesale Prices! Strike your way to the nearest MYDIN now!

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Shop Everyday Fly Today With AirAsia Big

Shop Everyday Fly Today With AirAsia Big

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Featured Store

Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Pulau Sebang, Melaka

Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Pulau Sebang, Melaka

Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket

Starting from 2nd September 2016, people from Pulau Sebang, Tampin, and generally in Melaka can experience shopping at Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket in Pulau Sebang, Melaka. This is the fifth outlet in Melaka and MYDIN’s 23rd hypermarket. MYDIN Pulau Sebang occupies 566,673 square feet including both hypermarket and mall areas. For convenient shopping experience, the best facilities are provided for the customers such as WIFI, prayer rooms, ATMs, 736 parking lots, nursing room, free baby stroller and wheelchair services and more. For the mall area, there are 58 shop lots and 24 bazaar lots, plus interesting tenants like Marrybrown, Mee Tarik and Time Gallery. Shopping is indeed fun and surprisingly affordable and reasonable at MYDIN Pulau Sebang!

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    The TUKAR PROGRAMME is basically transforming the traditional sundry shop to a more modern shop by using latest technology and by being more systematic and standardised.

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