• Pelbagai Perisa. Only 8.99

    NESTUM 3 in 1

    Pelbagai Perisa

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    1 Liter

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  • Mee Kuning. Only 0.89


    Mee Kuning

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  • Gelas Kaca. Only 4.00


    Gelas Kaca

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Super Savings Promotion (Hypermarket & Bazaar)

20th - 30th July 2017

Super Savings Promotion (Hypermarket & Bazaar)

Shop at the SUPER SAVINGS promotion! Go to MYDIN from 20th until 30th July 2017 and shop easily even with a tight budget. Explore the wide range of everyday essentials, fresh items, grocery, apparel, household items, electrical appliances and many more. MYDIN guarantees every cent you spend is worth it!

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Meriah Gives You More!

Meriah Gives You More!

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Featured Store

MYDIN Utropolis Marketplace

MYDIN Utropolis Marketplace

Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket

MYDIN Utropolis Marketplace is now open! Residents and community of the nearby KDU University College flagship campus and Glenmarie neighbourhood can get their fresh meats and dairy produce, snacks and beverages, beauty and health products, stationery, electrical appliances, kitchenware and household items under one roof at the new supermarket. It is situated in a lifestyle mall known as Utropolis Marketplace, in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.Customers can enjoy unparalleled shopping experience for wide selections of merchandise at reasonable prices! MYDIN Utropolis Marketplace has a Deli selling Ready-To-Eat foods and drinks for you to eat out or take away. It has one notable feature which is an eating area that can fit in up to 50 persons equipped with tables, chairs and stools. This year also marks MYDIN’s 60th anniversary. Visit MYDIN Utropolis Marketplace now to discover more! Why Pay More? Buy At Wholesale Prices!

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