Always learn and improve

Mydin is a home-grown wholesale and retail giant operating  72 outlets nationwide, including five hypermarkets. It Plan 14 more hypermarkets within three years.
Source: The Star - 11 March 2011


Always be focused on the goals, identify your goals and business nature. Be willing to sacrifice time, energy and money and never give up.


It is important to know what you are doing and do the things that you know. Always try to learn as much as possible about development in retail industry and to improve in terms of merchandising, warehousing, customer service, systems and information technology, point of purchase, tenant management, marketing and promotions-everything under the sun;

  1. Always work hard and work smart and balance wisely between work and family;
  2. Having a family who shares and support your goals;
  3. Do not dwell, matters too long.
  4. Learn from mistake and move on;
  5. As a Muslim, always emphasise on halal earning of income and, to a wide extend, halal in everything you do;
  6. Always be punctual, discipline, honest and sincere in everything you do. This makes an entrepreneur. When you are five minutes early, you are on time, and when you are on time you are actually late and
  7. Keep doing CSR work that touches people’s life and heart, but you must do it sincerity.


  1. Awareness on a Mydin as a “low price all year round” store serving all ages and races;
  2. Open more branches and concept of business (e.g.My Mydin, My Mart);
  3. Support small and medium entrepreneurs in marketing their products in our hypermarkets;
  4. Involved in expos organised by various government bodies such as the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, Agriculture Ministry and the International Trade and Industry Ministry;
  5. Collaboration with government and non-government bodies by involving in campaigns such as Price Cut Campaign, Buy Malaysia Product, Product Malaysia and Citarasa Kita and § Proud to be Malaysian and born Malaysian, STILL Malaysian.


  1. The family business started by the late father of Tuan Mydin. It started by selling toys and essential items at nights markets. Then it opened it first branch at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, in 1957.Instead of focusing the business in non-food products, Mydin change its strategies by selling all the groceries and fresh items (food) with the first opening of hypermarket in USJ, Subang Jaya, in 2006.
  2. Going with the global trend, it opened outlets in suburban areas as opposed to urban areas. Mydin business including hypermarkets, emporiums, bazaars, mini –markets and 24-hour convenience stores.


  1. To be the world’s leading distributors of competitive halal goods and services, and to be known as one stop centre for all customer needs.


  1. The awards may encourage and motivate our local entrepreneurs to enhance their business and products to a higher level. It acts as a spring board for local brands to go for bigger international recognition.