Easy way to save water

Take Short shower

  • Get wet in the shower, turn it off to soap and then turn it back on to rinse

Use laundry and dishwasher wisely

  • Don’t run the machine unless you have the full load. Skip the extra long prewash and scrub cycles unless necessary. Does not use a garbage disposal except at the end of cooking or clean up periods or when it full.

Turn off the tap

  • When shaving or brushing your teeth turn off the tap. Rinse hand razor in a filled sink rather than under running water. When washing your hair, turn off the water while lathering the shampoo. This simple little act can save 95 liters a month.

Use the rain

  • Use a bucket or official rain catcher to catch rain outside. Use rain water instead of water from the hose to water your garden.

Save water in the kitchen

  • Don’t wash under the running tap. Instead, fill a container with water or use the sink. Wash all the vegetables for a meal at the same time. To dislodge particles of dirt, use a brush, washcloth or your hand rather than rely on the force of water to do so. After soaking fruit and vegetables, use the water for indoor plants.

Keeping in the bottle

  • Keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator for the drinking rather than drink from the tap. Use only the minimum amount of water needed for cooking. When filling the kettle, try to estimate the actual amount needed.

Watering when needed

  • Water the lawn only when necessary. Do this in the early morning to avoid rapid evaporation. Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses because these apply water slowly and directly to the soil water.

Check for leaky pipes and faucets

  • That little drip simply means water and money going down the drain.

Soak the Pots and Pans

  • Soak pans and pots before washing. After a couple of hours, the sticky residue will wash away easily.

Cleaning the car sensibly

  • Use a sponge and bucket when cleaning your car. If you use the hose, fix a shut nozzle so that the water is not constantly running. You can also wash your car on the lawn and water the grass at the same time.