Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Bukit Jambul

Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Bukit Jambul is the 5th and the latest hypermarket, another project by Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad. Being opened for less than two months, the hypermarket is something to be look forward to, especially for the Penangite! The freshness of its fresh product s are up to the standards set and this will gave variety to its customer plus the price set are affordable for everyday people. Having located in the town of Bayan Lepas, this will definitely give an extra advantages for those who travelled by plane – last minute shopping spree will gave them the shopping experience of a life time they will never forget and above all it is at a whole sale price of course!
Picture showing Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Bukit Jambul
  • Address

    Lot 3A- B NG -M01,
    Basement Ground Floor,
    Kompleks Bukit Jambul,
    Jalan Rumbia,
    11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

  • Telephone Number : 04-6388 880

  • Business Hours

    Open Daily : 8.30am-11.00pm


  • Shoplots
    • LG-01
      POH KONG-Gold Smith
    • LG-03
    • LG-05
      BV SHOPPE-Branded Jeans
    • LG-06
      MIWA - Fashion Apparel & Textile
    • FB-05
      GARUDA VENTURES-Travel agency
    • FB-01
      I-SIGHT Optical Shop
    • FB-03
      JS CAMERA - Camera Shop
  • Bazaar
    • LGB-01/03/05
      CK RAHIM-Kerongsang & accessories
    • LGB-02/06
      MUNAWWARAH BEAUTY & COLLECTIONS-Apparel & Fashion Accessories
    • LGB-03
      CK RAHIM-Kerongsang & accessories
    • LGB-03A
      ARAISYA COLLECTION-Apparel & Fashion Acc
    • LGB -05
      CK RAHIM-Kerongsang & accessories
    • LGB-06
      MUNAWWARAH-Apparel & Fashion Acc
    • LGB-07
      MUSLIMAH BOUTIQUE - Apparel & Fashion Accessories
    • LGB-08
      ORKID-Apparel & Fashion Accessories
  • Services
    • LGB-12
    • LGB-13
      JAFFEX TRADING-travel agency
    • LGB-18