MYDIN The Untold Story Book




Being frugal is a practice of many successful entrepreneurs.

There is no secret to being successful and wealthy. All successful entrepreneurs will attest to the same conditional requirement: hard work, the right mental attitude, integrity and to be focused.

Many people can be managers but not all can be a good leader.

Logically Mr. Mydin could easily find employment and work with his father. But this meant his entrepreneurial abilities will not be tested. So Mr. Gulam arranged his son Mr. Mydin to work in a friend's shop. Later Mr. Mydin worked with his brother-in-law, Mr. Peerbhai.

He knew the way but he needed some directions.

The trick with retail business is to know and sell what your customers want and not what you want.

In life there are people who may not learn anything when they experience an event in their lives. But not Mr. Mydin. New ideas flowed and together with his family he turned a flood event in Kota Bharu to a profit making deal.

When asked about accumulated wealth, "I have no properties, no land, no big bungalows, or many luxurious cars. What I do have and what are my greatest wealth are my four sons. They are my precious diamonds!"

- Mr. Mydin Mohamed -