13 June 2014



KUCHING: The buyer of MYDIN goods in Petra Jaya was given RM200 Million for a 500-year-old acting director to attend the event. MYDIN Director Mohamed Holding Berhad, Datuk Wira (Dr) Ammer Ali, said that his intention was to raise the socio-economic economy to him an abundance of nerf is easy to run runchit trading. "In the end, MYDIN Petra Jaya has pushed wholesale prices from all over the program of love," I am sure that the winner will be MYDIN Petra come here. The postman is the Head of the Minister of Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg. The MYDIN Petra Jaya is packed with 812,090 square feet to 299,598 square feet of the market to buy goods. For example, it's wet, wear, accessories, sweaters, write-ups, stuffs of Muslims, massacre, home-made items, racing rafters to the bush. Piel Mall to the 512, 492 square foot ceilings 52 store lots and 10 bazaars. Its overflowing, Ameer madah MYDIN Petra Jaya with 1133 palanas entuba valu meri ngantangangagai orang ke datai.Nitihka illiterate is, in fact, to make a mistake for mega made it easy to use and then used to manage the multiplier. I did, the hallway to disrupt the use of the whims and the punishment. Struck in the form of 28 January 2018, MYDIN Petra Jaya Ngadu promotions for sale.


 Source: The Borneo Utusan